How Long Does It Take to Adjust to New Glasses?

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Getting a new pair of glasses can be a thrilling experience, especially if it’s your first pair. However, the novelty can quickly wear off if you start experiencing discomfort or dizziness. It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about their new glasses, claiming they need some “getting used to.”

It usually takes 2 or 3 days for a person to adjust to new glasses, but significant prescription changes could take up to 2 weeks to feel comfortable. It’s important to be patient as you adjust to your new glasses. Your brain and eyes are growing accustomed to a new world, and these growing pains are typically a sign that your new glasses are working properly. If something is wrong, your optometrist can examine your eyes and determine the cause.

Why Do I Need to Adjust to New Glasses?

Your eyes and brain need some time to adjust to the new prescription. It’s normal to experience some discomfort during this period, especially if your new glasses have a significantly different prescription or coating than your old ones. Think of it this way: your brain is seeing the world differently, and it needs to work a bit harder than usual to understand what’s going on.

This is a natural part of the adjustment time. It should only take 2 or 3 days, but some people may experience symptoms for up to 2 weeks.

Symptoms While Adjusting to New Glasses

Everyone experiences new glasses differently, and the issues you experience may depend on what exactly has changed. Even something as small as frame style or coating could cause symptoms. Common issues people notice while adjusting to new glasses include:

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision
  • Objects appearing larger or smaller
  • Trouble with depth perception
  • A fishbowl effect, where the world appears bent at the edges

Once you’re through the initial adjustment period, your glasses should feel comfortable and natural. However, you may still need some time to get used to certain aspects, such as the weight or frame style. If you’re switching from contacts to glasses or vice versa, your adjustment period may last longer.

If you’re still experiencing discomfort or vision problems after a couple of weeks, you should consult your optometrist

Tips for Adjusting to New Glasses

While the adjustment period is unavoidable, there are several things you can do to make it easier.

Wear Your Glasses as Much as Possible

It can be overwhelming to wear your new glasses all day, every day, but it’s one of the best ways to get comfortable with them. You can start slow, but if you keep removing your glasses, your eyes and brain won’t have time to adjust. Try wearing them for an hour or 2, and gradually increase the length of time until you can wear them for a full day.

Even if your old glasses are more comfortable, don’t switch back and forth between them.

Move Your Head, Not Just Your Eyes

When people first wear glasses, they may tend to move only their eyes to look at different things. This can result in eye strain and discomfort. Instead, remind yourself to move your head as you normally would to look around.

Clean Your Glasses Frequently

Dirty glasses can cause eye strain and headaches. Clean your glasses at least once a day, preferably each time you remove or wear them. This can help you adjust more quickly to the new lenses, as you’ll see clearer than when they’re dirty.

Avoid Sudden Changes in Environment

Changing environments often can be tough on your vision when you have new glasses. Bright light and glare can cause discomfort and headaches. Take some time when moving from a dimly lit space to a bright one, such as when moving from indoors to outdoors.

Be Patient

Adjusting to new glasses may take some time, and everyone’s experience is different. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re experiencing some discomfort, headaches, or eye strain. With time, your glasses should become more comfortable, and your vision should improve. Be patient and take breaks when you need to rest your eyes.

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Love Your New Glasses

Getting new glasses is an exciting time, but it can also take some time to adjust to your new prescription. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it can make the adjustment period smoother and more comfortable.

Our team at Spectrum Eye Care can help you sort through the many great options for glasses and find a pair you love!

Remember, it’s normal to experience some discomfort and visual changes during the first few days or weeks with new glasses. If your symptoms persist or worsen, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can answer your questions about adjustment times or help you find a new pair.